No fee.  The window display is only open to non-profits though. I do ask that you take time to put together a nice window display with non-value items, call-to-action sheet, contact information and your logo.  The window display should offer more than just a banner, flyer or pictures.

The window is 5’ X 5’ with an 11” shelf.  You can stick a hook (removable kind) at the top if you want to hang something.  I have a black cloth covering a corkboard. 

I would recommend bringing scissors, tape, string, push pins, trash bag and a camera.  If you have a lightweight ladder, that will come in handy too!

From time to time an agency will cancel their scheduled date.  If you are interested in a date and there are three agencies already schedule, I would encourage you to still fill out the contact form and let me know what month you prefer, I can put you down under “backup”.