Are you a member of a Non-Profit group in the Fort Wayne area? Promote a upcoming event with a FREE window display at Glenbrook Mall. 

A window display is a great billboard to help promote your next event.  Creating an attractive window display not only draws viewers to attend, but viewers can also  promote for you through word-of-mouth marketing.  When done right it is one of the less expensive and most effective ways to market.  The return on your investment will be well worth a little of your time.

Award Winning Design Ideas

  Create a theme
  Tell  a story
  Layer foreground and background
  Make sure signage is easily visible
  Keep it clean – less is more in this situation
  Don’t over fill
  Design a focal point where viewers eye go first
  Use bold shapes and colors
  Add battery operated LED lighting

Window Display Marketing Tips

  Create a QR code and place it in your window.  Visitors can scan the code with their smartphones and be taken to your website. Download generator for free.

  Create a contest and use it conjunction with your Facebook.

  Once your window design is complete take a picture and put on your Pinterest page.

  Use a Call-To-Action and ask visitors to do something.

  Participate in our 2017 window display contest.  Your window display will be posted on our site and available for visitors to view and vote on each month.  One winner each month will win $25 and a chance to win 4 times a year or up to $100.

12 million people visit Glenbrook Square each year.  

August sees the largest traffic number at 10.15%

If you run a non-profit in Fort Wayne area and are interested in a window display,  more statistics and information, get in touch today.